15 Things I Learned from WWE Battleground 2014

  1. The Miz slept his way to a title.
  2. Cena says he’s the true Superman.
  3. Don’t trash talk Ambrose, he’ll just show up.
  4. WWE Security is so weak.
  5. Plan B left the building?! Triple H, your son screwed up the plan!
  6. Del Rio got eliminated, watch it again and see it, since I missed it.
  7. Ric Flair gave Cena the big gold back. That’s his endorsement.
  8. What tag teams are left aside from the Wyatts and Usos?
  9. This felt like Monday Night RAW.
  10. Budget cuts are real. See Damien’s outfit!
  11. Ziggler and Reigns, two people who can’t catch a break.
  12. Kofi had more spots than a Dalmatian.
  13. WWE needs to make up their minds about the logos.
  14. Guys, when people are watching this, they are watching it on the WWE Network, no need of a plug.
  15. But hey, get the WWE Network!

By the way, due to my predictions, I’m 4 out of 8. Techincally, 5 out of 9. We all know Fandango is a lemon.

What did YOU learn?!