15 Things I Learned from Scandal 4/25/13

  1. Fitz learned the lesson….regardless how good the sex is, don’t piss a black woman off.
  2. Every room I go in, I will send in Huck to do a 5 second observation. I swear, guy does more work in 5 seconds than people do in an 8-5.
  3. Harrison is the smoothest talker ever, but even he couldn’t get past security.
  4. We remember dates….Huck remembers the EXACT TIME.
  5. Drill em, bag em and tag em! That’s the CIA style of killing.
  6. There is a difference being in the hospital and being in the hospital….AS OLIVIA POPE.
  7. So I wonder if the CIA has us in a box and we don’t know it.
  8. Harrison…the ‘Ride and Die’ of Olivia Pope & Associates.
  9. Olivia finally turned down the Presidential wood!
  10. Millie got tired of sharing the love. Now you wanna cry ‘cheat.’ Chick, that dick was already gone……
  11. #OliviaPope IS The Huck Whisperer!
  12. Fitz learned another lesson….Millie just doesn’t give a F*CK!
  13. Cyrus is a dirty queen, he will do anything to keep Fitz in the chair
  14. Jake…if Fitz got dismissed, Olivia gonna ram her heels in you.
  15. Millie…you just salty at this point.

Later folks!