15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 9/25/14

  1. Gilligan never had wine.
  2. See the tailspin you put in this, Columbus Short.
  3. Don’t open Pandora’s Box.
  4. Rosen is a man with a  loaded gun with a reason to shoot, but will not shoot.
  5. Huck is the only one in his element. He’s the computer Nazi.
  6. Mellie is high on grief.
  7. Jake wants the island and to reach for things.
  8. All it takes is a newspaper clipping and the White Hat is back on.
  9. Command will always have something to do with it…even when he didn’t.
  10. Mellie is not bs’ing with this season.
  11. Jake, it’s confirmed that you’re the bitch, Olivia is the gladiator.
  12. Phone promotion is key. Spin your phones while talking.
  13. These freaking jackets though!
  14. White hat is officially on, no cloud!
  15. She don’t pinky swear, Fitz!

It’s time to get back into this, Gladiators! Scandal is back, and so am I!!!!!