15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 5/7/15

Scandal 4×21 – A Few Good Women.

Foxtail…..keep thinking.

  1. Just watch this episode…it’s nail-ripping good!
  2. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck.
  3. Shonda pushed more envelopes than a secretary tonight.
  4. Jake and Russell..two kids mocking their dad.
  5. When someone acts too dumb, they’re actually too smart.
  6. So, we got a real VP.
  7. Suits, rank, badges, and propaganda. It does not protect true right and wrong.
  8. You never get over loss.
  9. Everyone has lost a step as the show evolved. No way Season 1 Huck would’ve got caught.
  10. When in doubt, untie one arm, threaten to shoot, but always pass a beer!
  11. I’ll never look at the word ‘vacuum’ and not have a 2nd thought.
  12. Barnacle?! What is this…Spongebob?!
  13. Cyrus was half-joking. He really wants to murk poor Susan.
  14. Yes, White House staff, it’s Rowan. Remember? You tried to kill him a season ago?
  15. Back to the sun.