1. Don’t wear all white when going on a run…Daddy will find you.
  2. Little Huck became Big Huck now!!!
  3. Quinn is a perfect mini Huck, but she talks too much!
  4. Harrison is the only calm gladiator. The world can explode and he’ll be the guy who’ll say, “The world is gone, you know the world is gone, but I don’t say that the world is gone. I’m your gladiator.”
  6. Jake is the Romeo…he just didn’t die.
  7. Cy is the $6 million man! Dude had a heart attack and out of the hospital same day. John Cena, you are no longer Superman.
  8. Olivia, you murked more people with that monk! Get over Verna!
  9. I’m getting rid of all my drills!
  10. Shonda just dropped the mic & turned off the light with ONE three-letter word. BOOM!
  11. Rosen is the hero!!!!
  12. A million people took a swig of something due to this finale!
  13. The word, “DAD” has taken on new meaning. NO ONE CAN CALL THEIR FATHER DAD ANYMORE!
  14. Daddy stepped in….real shit got more real.
  15. Hello Olivia……DAD?!

And there you have it!

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