15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 4/3/14

  1. Mama Pope’s a freak!
  2. Gabby…..leave the coats to Olivia.
  3. Olivia, everyone is worth saving…even Command.
  4. Andrew is faced between the power of nookie and the power of….well, power. Rock and a hard place.
  5. The most difficult question: What do you need?
  6. Huck can challenge too, Olivia.
  7. Sometimes, you gotta do the job to get the job done.
  8. Fitz doesn’t want anything to do with those ties, Mellie.
  9. Family reunions…knives, wine, and people getting murked. The Popes.
  10. Men will be men.
  11. Leo, Abby owns you!
  12. I came, I saw, I hit em right dead in the jaw!
  13. Mellie, you can’t do the cheating. Only Fitz can.
  14. Olivia, Abby just told you to WAKE UP!
  15. B613 goes up…the whole world goes!