15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 4/23/15

Scandal 4×20 – First Lady Sings the Blues

  1. And now there is hope for you “Olivia and Jake” fans.
  2. Smack em in the chest when warm.
  3. Tighten up all loose ends.
  4. Command is slipping. He is rewarding failure with gunshots and one liners. Where’s the damn monologue?!
  5. Russian assassins seem so innocent.
  6. Olivia, apparently you need to quit barking and letting the enemy bite!
  7. No one wins against Command.
  8. A father knows his daughter.
  9. Sometimes, you’re sleeping with enemy and don’t know it.
  10. RIP to Alex.
  11. First Lady isn’t a job, but Michelle rocks at it!
  12. This is the Olivia from Season 1 combined with a trigger finger. All she had to do was just pull the trigger and we’d be jaw dropped seriously!
  13. More code names.
  14. Foxtail – The presidency. I’m calling it!
  15. B613 has a health plan?!