15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 4/2/15

Scandal 4×18 – Honor Thy Father, aka Command Looms

  1. Gladiators cannot gladiate themselves. And yes, I made that up.
  2. When the war starts, pick a side.
  3. When someone says, “He’s coming,” prep for epic monologues and laughter.
  4. Damn, Olivia, the only guy who hasn’t worked for Command is Fitz.
  5. A parent’s protection is endless.
  6. Cyrus needs to get his Season 1 self back.
  7. These white hats must have bleach.
  8. Jake flipping the script so many times that Shonda is coming for him.
  9. Some are used to wearing heels.
  10. These tracking systems get crappier each season.
  11. David will always be wiping his white hat off.
  12. Olivia’s involvement in this.
  13. If you get hit by some flying stuff, maybe Jake will be good enough to hand you a cloth to wipe off your face”¦
  14. Olivia can’t catch a break to get laid without Daddy finding out.
  15. Hello, Olivia.