15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 4/10/14

  1. Awkward beginnings. Whole lotta Chiefs and the Indians are confused.
  2. Mellie is not going for this ‘stand by my man scenario.’
  3. Being dramatic doesn’t cut it in terrorism, Ivan. Get to the point.
  4. Al Sharpton will let you know if you have the NAACP votes.
  5. Sometimes, a guy wants to hear you say, “I miss you too.”
  7. And that’s how the circle goes. Never owe anyone anything.
  8. Wanna find out if she cares about you or the other guy? Put him and you in a room and play Russian Roulette.
  9. None of this would’ve happened if you fans would have stopped wanting Harrison to get laid this season!
  10. What is the reference of Tuesday?
  11. Deja Vu, Olivia. Using a man for information to destroy his life does something to him.
  12. Salif is your Achilles heel, Harrison. Learn.
  13. No fucks are given by Mellie Grant!
  14. Huck is an animal! Watch those pantyhose rip from little Miss Robin.
  15. Ex Command needs a gun!