15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/6/14

  1. Publius….get your panties out of a bunch. If Cyrus wanted you dead…
  2. Mellie…Olivia…stay away from Fitz.
  3. Andrew is a Scandal in himself.
  4. Hollis Doyle….more twisted than a daggum constrictor knot.
  5. Harrison, you did a lot more in your past life. Learn; no banging chicks that don’t call you by your full name.
  6. Quinn, good stunt. We both know Olivia would’ve smacked you before you could get the guts to shoot.
  7. Congrats, Jake. You now are the leader of Wonderland.
  8. Jake may lead Wonderland, but he wants beer and food.
  9. Mellie, until you confess the truth about your son, keep the microscope off Fitz.
  10. Rowan is no longer Command. He is the Commandant.
  11.  Rosen, you between two men. It’s a problem.
  12. Salif, we thought you were a guy.
  13. Quinn has learned from the best. She can’t shoot straight, but she can hack.
  14. Huck is a monster in love…but monsters eat people.
  15. Mellie…you are now Olivia Pope.

When a song plays at the end, then you KNOW it’s about to go down!