15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/5/15

Scandal 4×14 – The Lawn Chair aka Set Up Shop

  1. I’m fine=I’m so screwed up that I can’t talk about it now.
  2. Parents know their children.
  3. Olivia losing all kind of cards this episode.
  4. All it takes one tug of a shotgun to start a riot.
  5. Not a shower was taken during this episode.
  6. Man pulled up a chair like T.I. in the video, ‘What up, What’s Happenin’
  7. Gladiator talents slippin. That shadow would’ve been seen from the jump if Olivia was still missing.
  8. So, every cop really wants to be good cop? What about that cop who nearly got me arrested by taking a name, no license, for a speeding ticket that I didn’t get?
  9. Or the cop that clowned me when I asked for my insurance card back during my first stop?
  10. Or the cop that followed me for 2 miles through the city, stopped me, and asked if my car was mine because I was in a car that he possibly couldn’t afford.
  11. Civilian goes into a crime scene…regardless of activist…he can be arrested, right?
  12. Who died and make HIM the one who validates the black card?
  13. I like the chant, but he was 17…so, he was a boy.
  14. So what if the President vilifies law enforcement? They should get their s*it together.
  15. Respect is earned, not given.