15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/27/14

  1. Olivia, you have approached the land of hypocrisy.
  2. That dinner was so awkward, no amount of wine could’ve made that right.
  3. Karen, they’re both cheaters.
  4. Careful, Fitz. He already trading places with you.
  5. Maya Pope will be your friend and let you know you can catch a bullet, yet you will stick around since she’s Maya Lewis.
  6. One’s drilling and the other is punching. Good student/teacher relationship.
  7. See, people, Twitter gets you in trouble.
  8. Mellie, you are now a full-blown hypocrite. And you’re Olivia Pope.
  9. Every black parent would’ve slapped the holy crap out of Karen Grant on this episode. No way a child would say, “Shut up,” to me.
  10. Fake boyfriend wants you dead, Mommy wants you dead, Daddy’s warning you.
  11. Mellie, slap Olivia and you’re even.
  12. What is this Tyler Perry shit?! Stick a hand out and that’s it?!
  13. Everyone has a hand in B613…even you.
  14. For an agent, Charlie, you slipping!
  15. Everyone got drilled this episode.