15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/26/15

Scandal 4×18 Put a Ring on It aka Is Marriage Just Politics?

  1. Cyrus has many modes…but remember, if he wants to kill you, a professional will do it.
  2. I’m late, but so is this damn wedding!
  3. Rings indeed have power.
  4. If this is what a marriage is, then I want a divorce.
  5. So it’s true, you do become one flesh….everything is shared.
  6. So, have we forgotten that Sally killed her husband?
  7. Where is all this money allocated in the government’s budget?
  8. There’s always a ring out there. Just find the one that fits.
  9. Great work will always be appreciated.
  10. The truth hurts.
  11. Fitz, just leave Mellie. No one would complain.
  12. Robin loves her Batman, even when she loves to get her Huckleberry Quinn’ed.
  13. We will continue to see Olivia running for that red door.
  14. So, is there a chance or is Olivia wearing that ring to counter something else.
  15. Hypocritical secularist..that is all.