15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/20/14

  1. David has the black hat on.
  2. Olivia, Jake is your fake boyfriend and he’s also a fake gardener.
  3. The Devil….in Shock?!
  4. Salif, she ain’t no terrorist. Mama Pope is a hustler!
  5. Jake, where’s the employees of Wonderland?
  6. Quinn, your sloppiness is noted.
  7. When Marie Wallace wants the person, she wants that person. No lackeys.
  8. Rowan told Olivia the life lesson…”I am responsible.”
  9. Andrew….you are now Fitz.
  10. These slow motion black shots are crazy.
  11. Jake is watching people die…so who’s #TEAMJAKE now?!
  12. Finally, it happened. The devil broke.
  13. Black hat on, Olivia. Sometimes you gotta wear the hat to give everyone the white one.
  14. Olivia had that look like she wants to just say, “I’m pregnant.” to resolve it all.
  15. Well, that was a ‘banging’ episode. Bullets go bang, Andrew banged Mellie, and Quinn, you KNOW you wanted Huck.