15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/19/15

Scandal 4×16 – It’s Good to Be Kink aka Who CGI?

  1. All books are based on true stories, especially the sexual ones. We call them, “Erotica.”
  2. Do not judge unless you can handle being judged.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Quagmire in the flesh!
  4. Don’t apologize for who you want.
  5. Be the one she’s looking for, not the one to ask who is she looking for.
  6. So, what? Women want notches on their belts too.
  7. Huck…licks faces and slashes throats. Selection process?
  8. B-613 is a threat to fish, not people.
  9. Kidnapping and torture changes a person.
  10. Sometimes, it’s a bit of this that we need.
  11. Men wanna be taken too!
  12. Let this had been a room of black men who hit the same girl….there would’ve been real stories shared!
  13. Quinn is the real ride or die.
  14. White hats never stay white unless you never wear them.
  15. That person you talk about wanting? Yeah, someone already got em.