15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 3/13/14

  1. The devil was in Sally at the beginning. Sharp tongued and all.
  2. No other life…no other life.
  3. Jake is channeling his inner Randy Orton. He hears Wonderland’s voice.
  4. This split personality of B613….welcome to Jake’s wonderland.
  5. So, where is the baby coming from?! We got a lot of wine drinking and ‘pretending.’
  6. Put your phone to all the pictures…there may be a mic.
  7. Rosen laughing at life….this job got him going!
  8. Cyrus…so to James, which part is the good part?
  9. So, Langston holds the nation in her hands.
  10. Jake is learning some Command monologue.
  11. Olivia…the white hat isn’t working with your pretend boyfriend holding guns.
  12. Sally loves putting herself on the cross. Where was the crown of thorns?!
  13. Rowan offering power…so where does the real command get power from? A limo?
  14. Throwing a debate….I don’t know what’s worse, Mellie pretending to be Sally or Olivia cracking up at the murderers concept.
  15. Jake…it’s the land of wonders….Wonder how you’ll explain you popped one of Pope and Associates.