15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 12/12/13

  1. Mama is National threat, Daddy runs the evil B613…Olivia, how did you become a protagonist?
  2. Sally was a debutante!
  3. Fellas, she WILL stab you and get another guy to clear it up if you screw around behind her back!
  4. Mama Pope is the real Waldo!
  5. All my bad deeds…the devil made me do it.
  6. Quinn has been practicing that scream!!
  7. Hell hath no fury….Hell hath no fury.
  8. Wait, wait, wait…B613 Command captured?! Say what?!
  9. Fitz sounded like he had some black in him…”I’m screwing her, you know.”
  10. Damn, Rowan is the man! He does not approve of Fitz being with his daughter!
  11. Quinn, you can’t pledge B613 and be a Gladiator.
  12. Mama Pope has real frequent flyer miles! Forget Delta Airlines!
  13. B613 has a new snake…and it’s Fitz!
  14. I thought I was gonna see Mama Pope in Command’s office!
  15. As smart as Olivia and Daddy Pope are, Mama Pope just out-did them both.

See ya in February, Gladiators!