15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 11/7/13

  1. When you’re pissed, talk fast…and rather coherently. It works.
  2. I would be dangerous if someone told me that there’s a possibility the POTUS killed my mom in a plane.
  3. For a Christian, Sally Langston is an underhanded chick.
  4. Sorry, Cy…if Fitz says the wrong thing, his balls will be the only ones rolling.
  5. Sigh…Little Huck can’t shoot straight…no matter how cute she may look in shooting glasses.
  6. When you think you have one step ahead, Rowan (Eli) lets you know that he is always in control.
  7. Sorry Kate…he may like the hair, but he wants info, not nookie…Olivia has that covered.
  8. The origin of Harrison’s smooth talk: car salesman.
  9. Olivia…he is that thing that goes bump in the night.
  10. Sally better be asking God for forgiveness.
  11. Damn it Cy, you trying to take THE GLADIATOR out of the game.
  12. All the times where she couldn’t keep her panties on….she has finally done it!
  13. Daniel Douglas..wants to hit the FLOTUS!
  14. In and out…then BANG!
  15. Josie Marcus reminded everyone that there’s a Olivia Pope within us.