15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/24/13

  1. Little Huck wants some whiskey.
  2. Olivia, good girls don’t bang the POTUS unless they’re the FLOTUS.
  3. Who’s the guy in Cyrus’s marriage again?
  4. Every chick was glued to Harrison’s ass when he was shaking it.
  5. This Senator is a freak!
  6. Mellie sobered up quick! She still got that drunk hair though!
  7. B613 has a constant supply of silenced guns.
  8. And y’all really thought Cy was gonna use HIS superpower?!
  9. I should’ve used one of those recorders Jake has in one of my classes
  10. David Rosen is wearing two hats…one white and the other….leave it at that.
  11. Fitz nearly ended the war with Mellie with that handshake.
  12. Shellie Myers did what a lot of people thought about.
  13. Fitz has some balls this season! Bang the daughter and bust in the father’s office!
  14. B613 is about to get blown the hell open!
  15. Rosen is done playing around…he’s gonna still get it though!