15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/2/14

Scandal 4×02 – The State of the Union.

I refer to the episode as : Booty, Fried Chicken, and The State of the Union.

  1. Hatred breeds crazy bedfellows.
  2. Jake, money controls the booty this time. Watch her throw it in a jacket and pantsuit.
  3. Olivia, you now have to replace the table, the couch, and much more.
  4. Mellie gives no f*ck whatsoever.
  5. Don’t ask a whiskey drinker about his habit.
  6. Eye contact when you’re talking about a loved one.
  7. Abby is trying to get her name changed from, “Red.”
  8. There really IS something in the chicken.
  9. Rosen realized that he has the ammo, and he’s not scared to start firing.
  10. White hat is slowly coming off.
  11. Be strong Cyrus.
  12. All Fitz still cares about is Olivia’s opinion….and perhaps, the booty.
  13. Push so much water against a stone and it’ll either move or break
  14. Huck told me to tell you…..TO MIND YOUR DAMN MOTHERF*CKING BUSINESS QUINN!!!
  15. When Olivia Pope summons, you come….and come.

Eat that chicken, America.