15 Things I Learned from Scandal – 10/10/13

  1. Olivia and her father are so alike! It’s a freaking mirror.
  2. And everything begins with a “HI”.
  3. Guess Olivia is going after that jam.
  4. Rowan is everyone’s boss.
  5. All the secret service runs with Olivia. That’s why she can run without her phone.
  6. The new password to the secret room: 4KNJ
  7. We have found Olivia’s wine origins!
  8. Sure, Olivia. He’ll ask himself about his own program.
  9. Rowan can end the government shutdown.
  10. Huck is in that awkward moment of the employers meeting and he’s the disgruntled employee.
  11. Every girlfriend wishes they had the phone and could say, “I need him.”
  12. B613 runs the world…until the presidential balls drop
  13. I will confirm that the people I see sleeping are real people.
  14. Jeannie is in the worst situation…saying she got the good, but didn’t get the good.
  15. I don’t know if Jake is the new Huck.