15 Things I Learned from RAW 7/8/13

  1. I learned that John Cena analyzes the crowd and does the following:
    Cheer: Get to the Point
    Boo: “We got a wild crowd tonight” or anything else to get the pop.
  2. Daniel Bryan opens show…NOT WEAK LINK!
  3. I learned that I need to talk to Mark Henry…El Presador wants to have a word with you.
  4. I learned that WWE thinks we’re idiots. Watch this video…and this video…and this video
  5. I learned that Paul Heyman is a cool walrus.
  6. I learned that Perfection needs to lose the mic…Perfect. I thought he was gonna laugh again when he said the word ‘Arrived’
  7. I learned that Sin Cara controls the lighting for WWE.
  8. I learned that Triple H is fighting for the trademark Vince walk.
  9. I learned that Triple H reads a bit of the IWC comments.
  10. I learned that Vickie has been fired…a lot.
  11. I learned that Ryback cares….and rules…in his mind.
  12. I learned that Big E went to the beach before the show and still has on the outfit.
  13. I learned that John Cena needs a foot to draw a straight line..and it was still crooked!
  14. I learned that during commentary, Michael Cole will not look at JBL because JBL owns him.
  15. I learned that Brad Maddox will be in true Bane-like fashion as the GM. “Justice….awaits you.”