15 Things I Learned From RAW – 7/22/13

I Learned…

  1. Paul Heyman may not have set foot in Austin, TX, but I know for sure Brock was NOT there via satellite, instant transmission, shunpo, flash steps, galactic beaming, or any other form of transportation.
  2. Cena Cheer 101: Guy getting cheered + gets beat by heel + Cena running to the rescue = cheers. Idiotic.
  3. Brock Lesnar’s peak form looks smaller and has chicken legs. Nice peak.
  4. Daniel Bryan and John Cena will bang both Bellas, win or lose.
  5. Brad Maddox is the village idiot of RAW.
  6. Bellas wanna show boobs. They showed nipples already. Click this link for that. http://youtu.be/MwBeWlUAXII?t=1h4m50s
  7. Alex Riley has NO RIGHT to call anyone a kid. He hasn’t been relevant since Miz was WWE Champion…and a lot of people forgot that reign.
  8. When the fans were chanting “You can’t wrestle” at Ryback and he did that suplex, I was hoping he said, “Yes I can.”
  9. Booker T and Teddy Long fighting among each other instead of sticking it to the man. “Vickie, we coming for you nigga!”
  10. Daniel Bryan has had more matches in 2 months than Cena in his entire title reign.
  11. Ryback, you hate yourself…you said so.
  12. Mark Henry & Usos vs The Shield. Watch it.
  13. Big E Langston wears a Thong-Let. Wait for it.
  14. Maddox, you’re gonna get railroaded regardless of what train you get on.
  15. Triple H has taken his shovel away from Daniel Bryan. No burying needed. Cena is going to handle it.