15 Things I Learned from RAW 7/15/13

  1. I learned that we got two groups who write people off. So, who’s gonna break the Wyatt Family and/or the Shield up?
  2. I learned that John Cena is denying wrestling one of the Bella Twins.
  3. I learned that Bray Wyatt watches Impact Wrestling and AJ Styles.
  4. I learned that Jerry Lawler is the spokesperson for the WWE.com polls.
  5. I learned that I wear larger clothes than Brad Maddox. I don’t know how to feel about that.
  6. I learned that Chris Jericho is the WWE’s Dick Clark (May he rest in peace).
  7. I learned that Claudio Castagnoli is Antoinio Cesaro. He’s Swiss American. So, how is a Real American?
  8. I learned the one obvious fact: SANDOW FEARS THE MUSTACHE!
  9. I learned every girl has a Big E Langston in their life…the guy who beats up the ex-boyfriend who broke their heart.
  10. I learned I will call


    each time I need a hiccup cure…for somebody else!

  11. I learned that if John Cena chooses Daniel Bryan, they’ll play Rock/Paper/Scissors on who wins the belt…They’re brothers….IN LAW!
  12. I learned the WWE.com Exclusive looks like TNA’s production.
  13. I learned that CM Punk got more offense as an injured man than John Cena did in his match!
  14. I learned that WWE cannot turn John Cena heel. He has everyone by the nuts.
  15. I learned that John Cena is mad at Daniel Bryan. He gets more cheers!!! So what? He’s dating the sister. Have a brewski and go get laid.