15 Things I Learned from RAW 5/20/13

  1. Paul Heyman will tell you it’s time to record.
  2. Curt Axel…Foley?! Ok ok ok, I kid, I like his entrance music though.
  3. Chris Jericho….troller of the masses.
  4. Triple H left his shovel at home…or else Curt Axel would’ve been buried.
  5. Ryback Rules. That’s all you need to know. Ryback, the Shield would like to have a word with you.
  6. I HAVE ARRIVED….you arrived with the Nexus, Michael McGillicutty.
  7. So we didn’t have a return match, but a 6 man tag against the guys who lost. Ok.
  8. FAAAAAANDAMN, your chick a hoe!
  9. Fandango will dance his way to a victory…or a loss.
  10. “No, I don’t need to be in the stretcher. I’m Superman, I know how it feels to be hurt, but I don’t want any help.” – John Cena
  11. He’s still the WWE Champ, but could not respond to the count of 10?
  12. Instead of quitting via Tout, he has not ‘fulfilled his obligation.’ See ya at Summerslam, Lesnar
  13. According to Ryback, we’re all weak. Weak. WEAK. WEAK! WEAK!!!! Repetition..
  14. Ryback is going through the heel check list: jeans, skullcap, vest, trash fans, attack people at random. Yeah, you’re a heel now :\
  15. The morgue joke went over people’s heads…including Ryback’s. Bad joke.