15 Things I Learned from RAW 4/29/13

  1. Don’t get yourself disqualified by calling your friend while Teddy Long is working. He will make y’all work until someone gets a clean win.
  2. Aw shit, Cody hitting the gym…..wait, he’s wearing kneepads. Nevermind.
  3. “Eff yo finish move, Cody!” – Randy Orton
  4. Sorry Bellas, y’all not getting over the black ref…he was scoping out Naomi’s rack.
  5. Feed me ANKLE!
  6. Wait….a Tug of War…..no comment.
  7. This crowd ain’t no Jersey, so don’t try the Fandango-ing.
  8. No short strides tonight, John. We got a badly bruised ankle, but check me out…I can still do my signatures!
  9. If Ryback doesn’t get over, CM Punk will get called back earlier than normal.
  10. Big E had a Booker T moment when Ricardo hit him with that bucket. “Tell me, that did not happen.”
  11. 3MB does not like Justice!
  12. Drew McIntyre takes advice from Cody Rhodes. When you’re insignificant, get a MUSTACHE!
  13. Sorry Kofi, if you fought him a month ago, you’d beaten Dolph. Everyone did.
  14. CENA KICK! Damn, I forgot my foot is hurt!
  15. Not REST….IN Peace, but REST…..IN…..PEACE. Get it right Roman, or drop the mic!