15 Things I Learned from RAW 4/22/13

  1. Put on a skull cap and you’re a bad guy who is rather long-winded. Ask Ryback.
  2. Sorry Fandango, Jericho stole your chick. He’s in a band, you’re not.
  3. Close up of Heyman to start the show….close eyes until a prettier view comes.
  4. Brodus, you couldn’t do the broom dance correctly. That’s why you lost and Tensai didn’t.
  5. R-Truth is now the TRUTH again…guess he left Little Jimmy in the states. He’s too young to travel.
  6. Ryback broke the 4th wall, calling Cena his real name! SUPER CENA
  7. Ryback needs to play off what the other person gave him. Foley was already silent.
  8. So you bring a guy to London who rarely wrestles, a main attraction, and you book him to lose?! Undertaker should sacrifice creative!
  9. Sorry Big E…Dolph does not want a threesome.
  10. ….William Regal just became London’s Brooklyn Brawler?!
  11. Cesaro no longer does his fist pump. We need that so he can win again! So, AJ uses Ziggler’s hair juice to wash off Big E’s chalk. It still takes 18 seconds.
  12. “You fat, pathetic lazy bastard!”
    Me: Well, that escalated quickly.
  13. Big E is now a generic Pillsbury Dough muscle boy instead of a Pillsbury Dough Muscle Boy who knows the number 5.
  14. Cena is now in Super mode…..even the Brothers of Destruction couldn’t do what he did.
  15. Don’t look down…you won’t see a 6’1, 200lb guy slowly walk up to you to hit you with an elevated fireman’s carry.