1. Brock Lesnar’s job description: JUST SHOW UP AND LOOK AT THE CAMERA.
  2. Don’t turn heel. We’ll put you in a room with a bright light, asking why!
  3. Ziggler is still irrelevant.
  5. Three words for Heyman/Lesnar: WIN A MATCH
  6. African-Americans avoid the IRS like the plague…..or those who make Milions of Dollars.
  7. By the way…MILLIONS OF DOLLARS…spend it every once in a while to win matches.
  8. We have Superman and Doomsday. WWE gets a Batman, and it’s all over!
  9. Wait, we have a Batman. He just shows up each year and increases his win streak.
  10. CM Punk gonna sit home for a couple of weeks, turn face and hold the WWE title for another 400+ days.
  12. And Kofi is the Lower-Mid Card Champion.
  13. I may lose…but I’m still a monster. Kick rocks, Lesnar.
  14. WWE, face it, you shoved Cena so hard that Rock even walked away, despite his injuries.
  15. All this, and it was from RAW highlights.