15 Things I Learned from RAW 4/1/13

  1. Cena got a ‘boring’ chant. April Fools….wait he did.
  2. Ziggler is now off the chopping block and getting wins by any means necessary…he’ll pull your underwear if you are laying down.
  3. Then Big E will give you the Big End…
  4. HBK said ‘ASS.’ Triple H ain’t losing for this.
  5. CM Punk….that’s dirt…real ashes would’ve had a better effect.
  6. Requirements for being a tough American: Learn the constitution at 35, get a lisp, grown a beard, get a guy whose beard looks like a yard that’s never been cut, and get a throwback theme from the Age of Empires game.
  7. Ryback reminded me of the bully who did everything…but touch you. “I DIDN’T TOUCH YOU”
  8. Team Hell No vs Team “Fuck no” at Wrestlemania
  9. Before Wrestlemania…I’m gonna talk, then you’re gonna talk..THEN we fight! YOUR TIME IS UP! OUR TIME IS NOW! REGARDLESS IF THEY BOO ME!
  10. The new Superfriends vs The Shield…who are the real heroes? We need The LEAGUE!
  11. Having people around Dolph Ziggler his whole career and he STILL can’t do it alone…..for 18 seconds.
  12. Everyone who has the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ DVD, BURN IT….NOW! It’s gonna happen Sunday.
  13. The overall picture of Wrestlemania World Heavyweight Championship is a crippled announcer and a fat guy who didn’t know what trimmers were.
  14. Paul Heyman looked like a walrus with a mustache….sigh…honestly, Paul Bearer’s death is the only thing that made this feud. Otherwise, it would NOT make sense.
  15. Finally….we threaten the career of a WWE Executive who hasn’t had a match in almost a year.  Win or lose, Trips ain’t wrestling after Mania too often. Creative needs to grow a collective brain….a real one!