15 Things I Learned from RAW 3/4/13

  1. John Cena and Lance Armstrong….
  2. When you don’t get a reaction by saying your name like 20 times and try to be a heel, it’s a sign to hang it up, FaannnnDAMNWHOAREYOU?
  3. Just break up Team Hell No already!
  4. The New Age Outlaws look better than 80% of the current tag teams!
  5. So there’s a fatal four way and the winner gets to LOSE at Wrestlemania?! WTF!
  6. Back to #2, we’re arguing over the enunciation of your name? Wait, here’s how you said it last month. We got it right dumbass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD8SoiWb-U
  7. A lot of people would say Rock and a steroid joke should not be in the same sentence….
  8. I wonder how many Ques gonna wreck Jerry Lawler for his comment on Titus O’Neil.
  9. Unlike the United States, The Shield found the WMD.
  10. Feed Me Chocolate!!!
  11. Jack Swagger beats the old guys….
  12. Honky Tonk Man….well Jeff Jarrett, at least he got a reaction. You still couldn’t draw regardless of how many guitars smash.
  13. Ric Flair….strutting in 2013….2003….1993….1983…Guy is older than my frat!
  14. Just in case you didn’t see the Tout, Triple H did the same promo for you Lesnar. Show up next week.
  15. I still don’t care if Dolph cashes in.