15 Things I Learned from RAW 3/18/13

  1. Booker T going into the Hall of Fame…epic.
  2. Cena’s yellow shirt…If he gets brown, the chant will be “Piece of sh*t!”
  3. Jericho, I understand putting people over, but I want a freaking W!!!
  4. Miz could’ve won the IC title tonight and I’d be happy.
  5. Rock and Brock Lesnar have the same agent. Not Paul Heyman, but someone with enough sense to not allow them on the same show.
  6. Paul Heyman….really, really, really, needed to STFU and get to the point.
  7. Vince, we boo him, turn him!
  8. FAAAAANDAMMMMMMN, just go away!
  9. John Cena, years after hearing your theme, you can’t use it as a promo.
  10. Titus…..wait. Pancake…still hilarious.
  11. A bit of Bad Ass came out of Undertaker.
  12. CM Punk…take your workout suit off.
  13. We had an “Oh Shit” moment. Punk dropped the URN. You’re dead kid.
  14. Dolph…we forgot about the briefcase. You should too.
  15. Big E gonna wrestle? “Oh I got a match now!”