15 Things I Learned from Money In The Bank 2015

  1. The American Dream…..that is all.
  2. Being the King of the Ring means nothing.
  3. If you’re less than 300 lbs, aerial RKO is in your future.
  4. Grab belt and hold on tight.
  5. Kofi did what we all were thinking…but slower. GET UP THAT LADDER!
  6. Seth, remember, you have to use the kitchen sink next time.
  7. John Cena went to the well, the water-log, and the river for his match. Keep doing it.
  8. Roman had a powerbomb fetish.
  9. Bray may have saved a lot of fans…and destroyed my booking.
  10. It’s been a long time coming, but I still feel like I could’ve waited longer for the PTP.
  11. So, we let the victory go, but when Twin Magic fails, we don’t let it go? Whatever happened to the turnabout?
  12. Big Show got introduced to The Big Guy.
  13. The Miz did create an audio/visual masterpiece. We can all see and hear the clusterfu*ck that is this PPV.
  14. Triple H can motivate you to run through a wall.
  15. Hard time blues.