15 Things I Learned from Empire – 3/4/15

Empire 1×09 – Unto the Breach aka Andre Snaps

  1. Lucious got to where he is by not liking anyone or anything aside from black folk.
  2. Cookie gonna make you take a bite of her cookie!
  3. Keem wanna drop real bombs, and we’re not talking about verses.
  4. So, which of Diddy’s sons is gay and did he kill Biggie?
  5. All jokes aside, mental illness is real. Nobody told you to make those pills go drip drop tho.
  6. Boo Boo Kitty couldn’t find the words…bet Halle Berry could.
  7. Cookie took the hangover pill.
  8. Lucious, where’s the gun?
  9. Malcolm had that look like, “If you were only sober.”
  10. Andre wasn’t with us shooting in the gym.
  11. Hakeem….the perfect wingman.
  12. Jamal read Daddy Homophobic like a book!
  13. Tiana, did you let yours go before you asking Keem about his?
  14. Hakeem evolved like crazy in three episodes.
  15. Andre is now a loose end….and a liability. Not looking good at all.