15 Things I Learned from Empire – 3/11/15

Empire 1×10 – Sins of the Father aka Chocolate and Cookies

  1. Cookie has a sweet tooth for chocolate.
  2. Lucious just wants to go out with a bang.
  3. Vernon got the boot for trying to give the man the boot.
  4. Do NOT let people in your house that you do not know!
  5. Women change men for the better or worse…and vice versa.
  6. Camilla was in it for the Keem, not the money.
  7. Anything white near your nose is dangerous.
  8. A bit of prayer will resolve all problems.
  9. Lucious…confirmed narcissist.
  10. Hakeem sings drip drop to a child of mine and I will drop him where he stands.
  11. Cookie had so many kinds of Cookie this episode.
  12. So….where that entourage Keem had?
  13. Also, guess we will confirm whether or not Anika gave up her Nika next week.
  14. You realize you’re not supposed to put your breasts that close to a man’s face when extending a prayer invitation, right? That seemed kind of unfair.
  15. Mary J’s scene needed to be longer. It was indeed a shakedown of time.