15 Things I Learned about Scandal 5/9/13

  1. If you die, you become a mole.
  2. Cyrus, people get shot when you walk in mid stroke.
  3. Little Huck need to know her damn role.
  4. Mellie, you know who was getting that FITZY WOOD.
  5. If Olivia Pope is after your guy, you lost.
  6. I want a Harrison on my team!
  7. David Rosen is one of those guys who tries so hard to fit in, but needs to STFU.
  8. Once again Quinn is to blame for a major blunder. I need you to shut up & sit in corner next week.
  9. Careful if a guy touches you in public, a gun may be coming.
  10. Eff the free world! I got Olivia Pope!
  11. Retract that statement, Fitz ain’t coming after me!
  12. All this is over a damn miniature memory card. Keep them shits in a DNA safe!
  13. Eat a doughnut, catch a bullet. Life of Charlie.
  14. My previous post got blanked out,
  15. so if you don’t watch next week, YOU GOT PROBLEMS