10,000 Years – The Best Place to be on a Bored Tuesday Evening

Okay, here’s the deal. If you’re a student and all you’re doing is working during the May break, you’re entitled to SOMETHING. For me, it was the Tool concert in Southaven, MS at the DeSoto Center.  Thank God for TicketMaster NOT SELLING OUT because I bought the ticket like an hour before i left work.


6:15pm: Rolling along the highway thinking how close I am going to be and how much fun is going to be had.  Section 118, Row C is like right on the floor of the Civic Center. It’s not floor seats, but it’s bad ass seats. If I had floor seats, I would like Front Row ONLY because of the other people standing and jumping in front of me. At these seats, I had a view of the entire stage and the rocking crowd.

6:30pm: Almost there, rocking the blue and white fire shirt, the signature cross, and a seatbelt…..lol

My foot was barely keeping the hype as I was fluctuating b/w 70 and 80 mph!

8pm: Kinski, the opening band, just finished playing and setup for Tool is beginning!

9:30pm: Tool up and running, lights, smoke, rockin crowd, and much more!

10:00pm: 10,000 years, almost 5,000 lighters. Remind me to bring a lighter to the next metal concert. I don’t smoke, but damn it, I need a lighter.

12am: AND IT’S A WRAP. In a nutshell, this was my first metal concert, and it was the best! I loved EVERY freaking minute of it.