15 Things I Learned from Scandal 5/2/13

  1. If Fitz finds out that Jake tapped Olivia, it will be a Kanye/Ray J situation.
  2. Mellie, the dick was going around for years….GET OVER IT!
  3. Charlie..quit masturbating to Olivia and Jake doing it!
  4. Huck knows Charlie is not a screamer, but he likes sugar.
  5. Fitz…that magical wood ain’t cutting it….nor is Jake’s naval wood. GET TO EARNING!
  6. Now every chick is going to say, “Earn me”, and gonna say it to a guy out of THEIR league…BE WORTH EARNING!
  7. The president bows down to Olivia Pope.
  8. Careful how you watch people…someone’s watching you too.
  9. Just ask her, “What do you want..” and you get her standing up…in the bed…in the shower.
  10. Mellie, he was hitting it when you said he hit you first.
  11. So, the truth came out during the meeting of the wives….sigh.
  12. Olivia has finally graduated from side chick!
  13. David wondered who he “banged” and all the Gladiators picked up their duffles and left.
  14. Olivia can’t tell you how deep dude. That would make you feel inadequate in all the right places.
  15. We have a POTUS, a FLOTUS and now a SCOTUS.