10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling Destination X – 7/31/14

  1. Lashley going over more clean than his head!
  2. So, this is PPV quality? Looks like free TV to me.
  3. I know it was taped, but we didn’t need to have the table spot spoiled. Let the spoilers work for us, TNA.
  4. Samoa Joe back in the X Division to regulate.
  5. Botox and Boobs are never relevant.
  6. TNA is going to trade X-Division championship in for another year on Spike? Option IMPACT!
  7. More scuba suits!!!
  8. The Wolves are Tag Team truth…simple and plain.
  9. Matt is not Fat Hardy…just a little chubby Hardy.
  10. Will all the letters be revealed before the cancellation of Impact? Hope that new debut is worth it!