10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 9/3/14

  1. Havok in WWE would’ve been so tame. The Bellas would’ve double teamed her.
  2. Spud got squashed.
  3. Rhino could’ve done that with his flip flops on.
  4. EC3 is the person who tries to catch the camera each time. How many times you gonna look back?
  5. Kenny King never got the memo on the outfit of choice. Light colors!
  6. Manik is going to become great by going through the Storm training.
  7. Green vs Red Mist…it’s coming!
  8. MVP, Americans cannot come between two Canadians.
  9. What the blazes is Tinder anyway? Bro Mans getting girls off the site.
  10. Speaking of which, that segment had more hilarious acting than the Bella Twins.