10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 7/10/14

  1. Kurt’s cheat sheet is the spoilers from one of the websites.
  2. Instead of the tron videos, we’ll show empty ring photoshoots to give it a ‘big match feel.’
  3. Impact ran out of the budget for the gray entrance, so, Willow got screwed.
  4. The best of ECW had a major influence. Watch some of Heyman promos and see it.
  5. Rhino, he’s now, ‘Bully Ray,’ just like you’re no longer ‘Rhyno.’
  6. Kenny King is still comedy relief and breaking 4th wall doesn’t cut it.
  7. One day, Rhino and Lashley will headbutt each other.
  8. Did The Great Muta pull Sanada’s card?
  9. Bobby, there’s more funnier things that could’ve happened with that wheelchair.
  10. I tell you, EY can sell a sham-wow!