10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 6/5/14

  1. Gunner went from bad ass to bad shrink.
  2. Kenny King dropped that ‘King of the Night’ gimmick real quick and became the resident hype man.
  3. The Wolves operate off one mindset. I guess that’s why they can finish one another’s sentences.
  4. EC3, you got put out to pasture.
  5. So, did we see a face turn of Dixie Carter?!?!????!!?!??!!??!?!?
  6. Brittany is a literal chick.
  7. Kenny, there’s more talent in the Wolves’ sweat than your whole body.
  8. Why so scared Bro?
  9. MVP is giving Dixie mic lessons. That’s the only explanation.
  10. MVP is the boss, Lashley’s nickname is The Boss. Dixie’s the President, so she’s still somewhat of a boss. Who’s the boss? You decide.