10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 5/22/14

  1. You can wear a Wal-Mart suit and say it’s about power.
  2. Evolution – Impacted. That’s the name.
  3. Kenny King is the dude that you want to kick out the group.
  4. The salary combined from the 4 people in the promo with EY and Evolution-Impacted can’t buy a Ferrari.
  5. When you can’t think a signoff, just hit the camera with the mic.
  6. Mr. Kennedy is my guy. He’s drinking Dos Equis.
  7. Weren’t you running earlier, Dixie?
  8. Lashley did the ‘Really, boy’ to Austin Aries when Aries used the kendo stick.
  9. Kenny King…you’re still a Chippendale dancer.
  10. We need a real Evolution…not Impacted Evolution.