10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 5/15/14

  1. You will always have the one in your group who acts like they’re just lucky to be in it.
  2. This version of Evolution looks a bit better.
  3. Willow’s world is the backstage area above the ring. Sting is letting him rent.
  4. When is EY’s surgery?
  5. Dixie, you were a scared chick for half of the show, but you fear no one?! LIES!
  6. Will we see Gail Kim’s mega push?
  7. So, MVP is going to pull the real abuse of power, forget the script!
  8. Samuel’s look is the same one I have with the storyline….what the actual hell is going on?!
  9. Kaz is getting all the dancing in for Daniels.
  10. Instead of calling the police like ANY person with common sense does, you walk into your home to try and confront the man. Great job, Dixie.