10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 5/1/14

  1. MVP going all ‘Triple H’ on people. Wait for a Black Evolution.
  2. What would’ve happened if someone pulled a Joker in that draw?
  3. There are more beards and botox than wrestlers!
  4. DJ Z drew the short straw in this match, but he did draw the shorter straw as he’s a DJ for 2 jobbers.
  5. Those dresses of the Beautiful Botox and Boobs were ripoffs.
  6. Glass vs Umbrella. What wins? Ask Willow.
  7. EY should book his own title defenses if he wants to defend every week.
  8. It’s like they’re walking under the ring when they play the segments of them walking to the ring before matches.
  9. Dixie, a table is in your near future.
  10. Magnus, hang it up…since your heel turn, your relevance dropped.