10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 3/6/14

  1. MAAAGGGNUS! – Joe is calling you and sounds like that yell strained his voice.
  2. I get it now, the new Investor is hands-on. Or is this a precursor to the end of Lockdown?
  3. Magnus, you don’t headbutt Samoans in wrestling!
  4. EC3 wants to convince us that he can’t get sucker punched. Sir, you were already a sucker, you just got punched.
  5. Ken Anderson.  TNA’s Greatest Troll!
  6. So, Willow is being marketed and MVP calling for Jeff. Willow heel anyone?
  7. Steel Cage + Last Man Standing?! Russo is booking this.
  8. Dixie..nails on a chalkboard sound better than your promos.
  9. I still say MVP flies off the handle, no script. That southern accent was SO random.
  10. Dixie has removed Magnus’ insurance policy.