10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 3/27/14

  1. That elbow drop was softer than ODB’s tits, Magnus.
  2. Park, Park & Park Attorneys broke?!
  3. The TV Title is forgotten.
  4. Since when do two people who jobbed to one guy go over 4 great wrestlers?!
  5. Gunner, Brock Lesnar would like a word with you for that F5.
  6. Angelina, you’re overshadowed by Velvet’s rack.
  7. EC3 and Spud need to learn to know their roles.
  8. Unlocked match is just a match without rules. So a hardcore match then.
  9. Samoa Joe….the man who will never have a 1 on 1 shot.
  10. Bully Ray is the face with two T’s: Tables and a Twittah!