10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 2/20/14

  1. Tenay, when did Roode demand the 10%? He was coming out to say goodbye. Dixie offered the 10%. You lost your Professor title.
  2. Finally, James Storm took lessons from HBK.
  3. MVP counts down his theme. Just wait, there will be pyro.
  4. Samuel Shaw just trying to get laid, but going the WRONG way with it.
  5. I’m still not convinced that Magnus is a credible champion. He hasn’t won ONE clean match yet!
  6. Samoa Joe proved why he held the tag team titles by himself once before.
  7. Dixie, people can decide to leave when they want. It’s called, “Quitting.”
  8. Magnus, get better jokes. 50-cent is bald.
  9. EC3, you need more stroke, but you wear purple/pink. You may be getting stroked for all I know.
  10. I’d kick Spud in the shin, but he’s so short, I’d kick his face.