10 Things I Learned from Impact Wrestling – 1/2/14

  1. EC3….your brain does not match your muscles.
  2. My name is Kurt Angle…and I want one more match. Angle is channeling his inner Christian.
  3. Puppy Dog wants Aunt Dee…ain’t it cute?!
  4. Sting owns people.
  5. Gunner, what if you got hit with the title while you were yelling at Magnus?
  6. Dixie, when there is build up to a match, just shut up!
  7. Sabin as a heel sucks as much as Dixie….ahhhh, I said too much there.
  8. Sign new knockouts!!!
  9. Stand in shades and kick nuts. The style of Bully Ray!
  10. Lighter fluid+fire. Would it have caught on fire already if that close?!