I’ve been doing this for a year and I can say that overall, it’s a major improvement. Maintaining a site is very difficult, especially the poetry. It is mainly freestyle and my poetic flow changes every time, and sometimes, I even break away from poetry a little and start rapping.

I cite my sources and I thank them for the information that was used on my site. I also show major thanks to the readers, whether by the main site, Facebook, MySpace, or the RSS feeds. This has been a dream of mine for years and to see it in a form as amazing as this is nothing short but a miracle. I remember many times giving up on this dream, but I’ll continue this as long as I can.

LosEvolution lives witihin me cuz I am it. This site has the content of my life, reasons, logic, and also, my own evolution. I am Los, writing the evolution of myself and my perception of the world. Therefore, I am LosEvolution.