Windows XP Exits Mainstream Support


As planned, today Microsoft has transitioned Window XP into the Extended Support phase, at last exiting Mainstream Support.

In most cases, Mainstream Support only lasts for about five years. However, for Windows XP, Mainstream Support has gone on for near 7.5 years, due to the delay and dissatisfaction with Windows Vista. With Extended Support, the only updates offered to Windows XP customers are simple security fixes unless you purchased the Extended Hotfix Support plan.

According to a recent leak, downgrade rights will still exist until April 30, 2010, well into Windows 7’s release.

For anyone running Windows XP, security fixes will still be available up until April 8, 2014 via Windows Update.

Well, I’m not too sure what this will do when it comes to Vista and/or the launch of 7. So far, I know my two machines use XP. I doubt I’ll be going back to Vista as I am in the hold out for 7 or something better.